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DNA - foundation of your identity.

In fact, without DNA you are nothing. DNA says everything about your identity, about your values, about your appearance. DNA plays an important role in everything we do or fail to do. We also have it at Digilyfe: our Cloud DNA. We have full attention for everything that has to do with Cloud. But that does not mean that we do not understand On-premise or Data Centers, on the contrary: we are bursting with know-how. It is precisely by combining this knowledge and experience with Cloud-native solutions that we create value. Value in supply chains, value in communication, value in development.


The Digilyfe Cloud DNA rests on 3 foundations: Cloud-First, Remote-First and People-First. These foundations form the basis of our organisation's business operations.




Digilyfe works almost exclusively with Cloud Providers such as Microsoft Azure and AWS. We are therefore a 'Cloud First' service provider. That is where our primary expertise and added value lie. Of course we are not afraid of hybrid environments, because we have a lot of knowledge and experience on board to help organizations with migrations and digital transformations.




Our employees prefer to work in a place where they can maximize their productivity. As a rule, they do this from home, or at a location where they like to stay. Of course they can also be found at our office and at the customer's from time to time. But that is purely out of necessity, for example during a number of Scrum sessions or during a business event. Do you like to work from a 'shared office' close to home, also fine, as long as you are easily accessible.




It is very important to us that our employees do work where they can optimally show their talents. So we won't let someone work on a project that doesn't actually fit well. Sometimes it means that we wait a little longer for an ideal assignment. That's just the way it is, and someone can work on his or her skills in the meantime.

Want to learn more?

Would you like to know more about what our Cloud DNA means in practice? Then please contact Vinnie Bergen (CEO), Chase Sillevis (CTO) or Johan Klein (COO). They can explain that to you in great detail. Look for our contact details on the contact page.



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