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Get to know our Cloud Experts.

Today, a large group of Cloud Experts are working on several projects at Digilyfe. We would like to outline the profiles of some of them.

Niels Emmer

Niels is a Cloud Architect (Azure) and active on several fronts. For example, he works internally on our Multi Cloud Platform, and he is deployed at customers who want to use Azure technology in the right way. From his enormous expertise, Niels can oversee what really helps the customer.

Sipke van der Meulen

Sipke is a Cloud Architect (Azure) and has been deployed for several clients in recent years: CIBG, Utrecht University, COA and the Tax Authorities. There, Sipke helps with Cloud Strategies and Cloud Transformations, and guides teams in using Azure correctly.

Virgilio Bloem

Virgilio is a Cloud Engineer (Azure) and has been active for years at various clients: Denso and TKB. Virgilio participates in projects where Azure is a crucial component in the Cloud/IT landscape and is indispensable in supporting business processes.

Sebastiaan Villerius

Sebastiaan is a DevOps Engineer and knows the world of CI/CD like no other. He uses his extensive knowledge and experience of DevOps practices, Azure, AWS, Gitlab and Kubernetes for clients such as the Chamber of Commerce and are crucial in the effectiveness of these organizations.

Peter Bien

Peter is a Modern Workspace Engineer and has a lot of experience with "the modern workplace". In recent years, Peter has implemented and managed Azure services, Windows clients, server applications, Ivanti and Citrix environments, SCCM tooling and Microsoft 365 solutions for various clients and teams.

Nick Huizing

Nick is a Cloud Engineer (AWS) and an expert in AWS, Windows, Linux, Terraform, Kubernetes and Docker. He developed advanced Cloud and CI/CD solutions for clients such as Logius.

Aschwin van der Elst

Aschwin is a Support Engineer and also has extensive experience with Modern Workspaces. His vast experience with ITIL, Azure, Microsoft 365, Topdesk, ServiceNow and Atlassian ensures that our customers can rely on maximum support in their business operations. And that is why we at Digilyfe also use Aschwin for supporting our own systems and applications!

Denitza Lambreva

Denitza is a Cloud Engineer (AWS/Azure) and knows the CI/CD world very well. Her know-how about AWS, Azure, Windows, Terraform, Kubernetes, Python, SQL and DevOps is essential for our customers.

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