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The Digilyfe Management Team.

The Digilyfe Management Team consists of the 3 founders: Vinnie Bergen, Chase Sillevis and Johan Klein. Three very experienced (Cloud) engineers who have more than earned their spurs in that area, and also in the management field. Due to their down-to-earth management style, the employees at Digilyfe are given all the autonomy and tooling they need to do their job as well as possible.

Vinnie Bergen, CEO


Vinnie is ultimately responsible for Digilyfe's entire business operations. In his role as CEO, he oversees the development of the Digilyfe organization and its growth in turnover and number of employees. In addition, he oversees the (further) development of our Alpaca platform, he works on maintaining our partnerships, he develops marketing campaigns and he monitors the Digilyfe Cloud DNA.


Chase Sillevis, CTO


In the role of CTO, Chase is responsible for the Multi Cloud Platform (Alpaca) that Digilyfe has developed and deploys for and at its customers. Chase oversees the DevOps team working on this and monitors the technical policy and the Digilyfe Cloud Services Roadmap. In addition, Chase is responsible for all internal IT systems and applications and actively monitors innovation and technology trends.


Johan Klein, COO


In his role as COO, Johan is responsible for the overall operation of Digilyfe and its employees in the execution of secondment assignments, projects and managed cloud services. He also manages the HR, Legal, Accounting & Finance and Office Management portfolios. As COO, Johan monitors the SLAs that customers have concluded with Digilyfe and reports to them on this.


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