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Tuesday, January 17, 2023 - by Johan Klein

Digilyfe presents results for 2022

Today Digilyfe presented its results for 2022. Positive: substantial growth in turnover. Negative: declining growth in FTE.

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Digilyfe today presented its results for the 2022 financial year, and first to its own employees.


Vinnie Bergen (CEO) explains: “We are overall satisfied with 2022, but would have liked to experience even stronger growth. Unfortunately, the market is sometimes erratic and it takes longer than hoped to win over new employees. We are sure not dissatisfied, but we will focus just a little harder on growth for 2023. We really want to have doubled our FTEs by the end of 2023. We actually want to do that every year. Fortunately, turnover has increased enormously due to the longer and smarter deployment of our experts I'm really very proud of that!"