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Monday, July 10, 2023 - by Johan Klein

Digilyfe rated 8.7 in top 30 best ICT employers in the Netherlands

Recently, Digilyfe came in as a newcomer at position 29 in the Computable Career Guide 2023.

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We are extremely proud to announce that Digilyfe is a newcomer ranked 29th in the Computable Career Guide 2023 - a ranking compiled from industry employee reviews.


This ranking reflects not only the appreciation for our work, but also the dedication, hard work and passion of our team. Together we achieved this achievement and it is something we can be proud of as an organization.


Vinnie Bergen (CEO): "I would like to extend a special thanks to all of the employees at Digilyfe. It is your tenacity, your talent, and your passion for innovation that have made this possible. You make Digilyfe the great place it is. We are ambitious. Our eyes are on the top spot and we will not stop until we reach it. We are determined to keep growing, innovating and strengthening our brand."