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Wednesday, May 10, 2023 - by Johan Klein

Niels Emmer joins Digilyfe

Azure Expert Niels Emmer joined Digilyfe on May 1st. And we are of course very happy with that.

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On May 1st, Niels Emmer joined Digilyfe in the role of Cloud Architect. Niels brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Digilyfe. Niels previously worked as a Cloud Architect and Consultant at organizations such as Conclusion and Ohpen, where he provided various customers with advice and solutions on the Azure Cloud platform.


Vinnie Bergen (CEO) is very pleased with the arrival of Niels: "With Niels, we are bringing in an absolute winner when it comes to knowledge and experience with Azure. This significantly strengthens our Azure services and solutions and I can therefore not wait for Niels to work for one of our clients."